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Building  a Concrete Future

TRIUMPHUS Architecture Firm

Reliable Builders since 2000

Together we are building the future...

The TRIUMPHUS Architecture Firm combines Excellence and Experience to provide you with the best Quality construction.

Each project is a unique story to tell, a space to shape with Passion and Expertise.

​Whether you are considering a private residence, commercial or public project, we are here to support you every step of the way.

Our Services

We offer a range of services to meet your needs

TRIUMPHUS provides services in the following missions: Technical assistance and advice to public services, legal entities and individuals; preliminary studies and development of a construction program; establishment of architectural programs; development of sketches; preliminary project; execution projects; organization and supervision of calls for tenders and tender processing; general supervision of works etc.


Cotonou-Fidjrossè-Von Jacquot-Rue 12394
Lot 1755 bis parcelle F

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Pour tout renseignements, questions , veuillez appeler

le : +229 97 60 11 03

Who are we?

Our mission

TRIUMPHUS is an architectural firm whose mission is to work to establish and safeguard a pleasant and sustainable living environment for residents while advocating “situated” architecture and urban planning through the best combinations between local know-how and innovative techniques with low environmental impact, when supporting authorities in public action and interpreting the vision of project owners in built works and in urban and landscape developments.

Our values

TRIUMPHUS aims to become by 2028 one of the most eminent architectural firms established in Benin and then distinguish itself with international renown; and this, in compliance with the following values: Probity, Performance , Professionalism, Respect for others, Team spirit and Conviviality.

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Corporate Office

Cotonou-Fidjrossè Von Jacquot

Rue 12.394
Lot 1755 bis parcelle F

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For any information or questions, please call

+229 97 60 11 03

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